Riku Murai

About Me

I'm a 4th year PhD student at Imperial College London, co-supervised by Prof. Paul H.J. Kelly and Prof. Andrew Davison.

My research interest is distributing computation. How can we solve problems such as localisation and mapping at extremely large scale, using minimal power consumption?
In particular, I'm working on two main topics: Gaussian Belief Propagation - a decentralised and asynchronous optimiser, and visual processing using unconventional sensors.

Selected Publications

Robot Web
A preprint "Gaussian Splatting SLAM" is now available on arXiv.
Robot Web
Journal Paper: "A Robot Web for Distributed Many-Device Localisation" was accepted at Transactions on Robotics (TRO) 2023.
High-frame rate homography and visual odometry
Journal Paper: "High-frame rate homography and visual odometry by tracking binary features from the focal plane" was published at Autonomous Robot 2023.